Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Local Honey, Fresh Veggies... Get ready Georgia peeps!

I have a few minutes this morning while I eat my breakfast and drink my coffee. The kids are playing nicely upstairs so I thought I would blog. I'm sure it will not go uninterrupted by some emergency, like assistance on the potty, someone hit someone else (it was an accident of course!), the little one gets left out, you know the drill. Anyway, I wanted to put a little plug out there for my fellow Georgians. In a large number of my everyday recipes I use what ever veggies I have on hand because each week we get a special delivery of organic, fresh fruits and veggies to my door step. Needless to say, its awesome. In the summer, with farmers markets at every turn, it isn't quite as necessary but once things get a little cooler it is great to have seasonal produce delivered. The company is called Natures Garden Delivered and they have so many options so you can make it work for you. I also love it that throughout the year my kids get exposed to so many different fruits and vegetables.

They have 4 different size boxes: Tiny, Small, Medium and Large. We go the medium route which gives us plenty of fruits and veggies with little need to supplement with a trip to the grocery store. It also helps me be creative with cooking so that I can make sure we eat ALL the food that we have. Here is an example of this weeks delivery:

(O) Fuji APPLES/ea 4.00  
 (O) Pink Lady APPLES/ea   Exchanged 2.00
 (O) Yellow BANANAS/ea 7.00
 (OL) Green BEANS/lbs 0.75
 (O) w/ Tops CARROTS/ea 1.00
 (OL) Slicing CUCUMBERS/ea 1.00
 (NL) Hydro Bibb LETTUCE/ea 1.00
 (O) Green ONIONS/ea 1.00
 (OL) Yellow PEACHES/ea   Exchanged 4.00
 (OL) Yellow PEACHES/ea 5.00
 (OL) Green Bell PEPPERS/ea 2.00
 (O) Black Friar PLUMS/lbs 1.50
 (OL) Covington Sweet POTATOES/ea   Exchanged 2.00
 (OL) Bunched SPINACH/ea 1.00
 (O) Bunched BROCCOLI/ea 1.00 

 As you can see, we're getting lots of goodies. The number to the right is quantity and the letters in the parentheses stands for Organic, Local, Natural. Also with each order you have the freedom to exchange up to 3 items. Like, I exchanged the tomatoes for extra peaches because my dad has a garden with tomatoes and my kids will eat through 9 peaches in a matter of 3 days. They're amazing!

So, if you're in the Georgia or Ohio (random? Maybe.) area, check it out! They also offer dairy, herbs, etc.

And if you are in need of raw, local honey, my dad is a bee farmer with some crazy honey producing bees! Its delicious and I think it costs about $15 for 2 lbs! Just email me if you are interested. rebekahnysewander at gmail dot com

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