Friday, January 28, 2011

A taste of things to come

It is sunny today and 50-something degrees. So we headed to the play ground with some wonderful friends to soak up all we could out of this day.

My friend has 2 kids who are very close in age to my elders (her daughter and Jacob are like 4 days apart) so they ran, they played, they hid-out in a play house, they turned over picnic tables, they played on the swings, basically, they had a blast.

It was a little chilly with the wind but in the sun it was glorious, the kind of glorious that makes you want to linger for a large period of time and when things aren't so glorious you think about this particular time that it was glorious. It was that kind of glorious.

Haley's kids are great which makes playing with them even more fun. Her kids are happy and they just love life, you know, they just enjoy everything they're doing and they do it with such excitement. They're real kids, the kind that we want our kids to be. They're excited about little pleasures and nature and a visiting cat on the play ground. They're really neat.

I know my kids had a great time and I really did too. It was such a great little taste to remind us that spring is not far away! If I could say that out loud right now I would be yelling with excitement and you would have to hold on to something to keep from being blown away. Just so you know.

Haley home schools her kids and I have a feeling she'll be a very valuable asset to my homeschooling adventure. She let me borrow a book called The Ultimate Book of Home Schooling Ideas by Linda Dobson which I plan to start reading after I finish writing... its calling me! I think Haley and I have always had similar parenting styles, if you could even call it a 'style', but it encourages me that she feels so confident about her kids education. I'm sure that as I research and ask questions I will eventually embrace this adventure.

So I feel like with spring fever bubbling up from with in me and new adventures around the corner, this year is going to be the best yet. And let me tell you people I've had some great years!!


Nelson Family Photo said...

I have that book and I love it! My favorite was the food fight idea. You give your kids a set money and they have to decide how to spend it at the store on food that would be good for a food fight. The reward for all of the planning and executing is a food fight with the foods they picked and prepared. So much fun:)

Mari said...

Like I said to Ann P., "You already are homeschooling!" Don't sell yourself short...God has placed everything in you to teach those precious little ones...He fills in the gaps. Isabella is going into 4th grade and her test scores are a result of His blessing my obedience, not my amazing job of homeschooling. When I began, the Lord said, "Invest and I will bless" and as always He is true to His word.

It is so awesome to see my "mommy group" friends moving into homeschooling their soon to be preschoolers and remembering them as infants on my den floor.

Love ya,

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