Saturday, January 15, 2011

Today is our day!

Being a mom is wonderfully hard. Most days I feel like I'm paddling my canoe through mud with 3 very active passengers. Not the most ideal set up but we work hard and make it work. 

In this new season of our lives we are learning how to make life work for us and we are having more and more adventures.

Today we headed out to take daddy to work with only half of our clan dressed... I wasn't one of them!
Finally after the plumber came to fix the water heater, I took a quick (cold) shower and we decided to do whatever we wanted. It didn't matter what we thought could be done. We had time, we had each other and we needed to just go. Anywhere. Everywhere. Whatever. We were ready and we had mardi gras beads, nothing could stop us.
Our plan was to go to Bugaboo Creek which much to our dismay had closed with out my knowledge! So Applebees it was. Where we drank Sprite and laughed.
There was coloring to be done and silly faces to be made.
And chocolate chip sundaes that needed us. We just did it. People stared and many older ladies wished me luck.  I laughed inside because they had no idea how good I have it, that I was on an adventure.
 We had to take more potty breaks than you could imagine but we decided to do today with out fear of how it might turn out. And it wasn't perfect.
  We tried to watch a movie but had to leave early because of a little miss who wanted to play the entire time. When she wasn't allowed she wept loudly in the ear of the poor man in front of us. I knew we could not endure. So 45 minutes into our movie (after taking 1 potty break) we headed back to the car. 

 No worries, just wondering what we would do next. We opted for quiet time in tents watching Happy Feet. Not bad. 
Today was a day that we reclaimed fun. We did things just because we could. It was a good day and we made it! We lived to tell about it but most importantly, we had an adventure.

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