Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cold? Seriously?

Dang it! Dang it! Dang it!

I have heard all the stories from those living in marietta, of 70+ degree weather and air conditioned cars and tank tops in December and sweating bullets trying to make winter fashions work. Well, darn it if the day we fly in the temps don't plummet and the rains begin. I was PUMPED to pull out the maternity summer gear from when IGN was coming along but now I must pack my traditional winter wear that has protected me from the ferocious element that I face daily here in the land-o-snow. For example the high tomorrow is 11. Yep, just 11, I can't even say 'its in the teens', because it isn't, we're 2 degrees shy of a 'teens' shout-out. Well, at least I have some fabulous winter maternity gear thanks to my madre that i will be sporting down south. And to be fair, it really isn't that bad, it feels good to have cold on your face sometimes... IGN would disagree as she likes to crumble in a pile and whine when ever we put her coat on, and thats after we have to catch her (she runs when she sees it- and she can't run so good yet!). She does however love wearing mittens indoors or out, and she holds her hands up so that people can admire her beautiful mittens and tell her how lovely she is in them. We have definitely cultivated her vanity, but it works in our favor(getting dressed fixing her hair, brushing her lonely few teeth, etc.), so whatever!

I took somewhere close to 15 minutes of video this evening of our girl in her 'evening form'. She is comedy in a cute little package before bed. I'll post it on the youtube probably tomorrow its too long for me to post here.

Well, happy holidays to all and I CAN'T wait to see my fam!!!!!!


gigi said...

Oh, Bekah, I feel your pain since we all lived for 8 long years in the land of ice and snow! I cannot wait to see my fam, either and to see IG in action once again. Tell JM to get ready for some wicked Parcheesi and I will not be nice!!!! How did the PB balls turn out????

nysewanders said...

JM Says your a Paba ball Gigi.

Katie B said...

Oh Paba, we love you...

I NEED to see that video.
AND i NEED to see your preggars butt ASAP.

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