Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hi Mom!!!!

Yep, this is a blog just for you! There isn't much going on here. We ate with Nita tonight for dinner and it was lovely! IGN didn't sleep much today so when we put her to bed tonight an hour late, she was OUT! I think I'm OUT too... its only 9, but its just the right time, you know? Love ya!


Annie said...

Sorry. I over-read the blog you wrote to your mom. I'm kinda nosy.

ManUtd17 said...

I couldn't not read it. Hey to Mom.

Goober says hey too.

gigi said...

I am so honored to have a blog written just for me!! Can I tell you how good it felt to call Mesou-Pesou and tell her to meet us for lunch next Thursday--big good times!! Hug JM and IG for me!

nysewanders said...

Annie and Bill, you are welcome to read whatever shows up here in our blog-dom... we invite you into the throws of our personal life and are glad you're here:) See y'all next week!

Mom, Yay for Olive Garden and big good times! I'm glad sis can make it w/ the ninos:)

Annie and Bill, you're invited too.

carolineb said...

Hey, I read it too!

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