Wednesday, December 26, 2007

What a long strange trip its been:)

I haven't always been a 'planner'. In my younger, more careless years I didn't worry myself too much with schedules and having 'definite' plans. Here I am at 29 years old, VERY aware that I am a textbook planner. Maybe it is because JM is so laid back or maybe its motherhood, I don't know what it is, but my unscheduled days seemed to be over... or at least i thought.

We arrived here in the ATL Thursday morning ready to start our well planned holiday break. All of our events were saved on the trusty google calendar and with a few clicks we knew exactly what each and every day had in store. We knew what days were open so that we could meet up with pals, we knew what days we allotted to what family members and for what occasion. That is until Friday morning as I was leaving a brief visit with 3 of my favorite people in the fleetwood sac and Caroline realized that sweet IGN had nasty green stuff oozing out of her eyes. Yeah, gross. I knew my girl was not quite up to par and an eye infection had attacked in moments! So I took her home and a friend got an eye drop prescription for us and I canceled our plans for the evening which involved other children:( That night I noticed that my girl was congested and I was afraid that she may have caught a little virus that I had been dealing w/ for a week or so. Unfortunately it made her throw up that night and the next. It made me thankful that I knew how to clear my throat and cough-up unfortunate things that don't belong in my chest, sadly sweet girl couldn't handle it in her sleep and would throw up.

So once we felt we were through the worst (3 days later) we attempted a Christmas party at my cousin's house. While we were there my sis started feeling sick and on the ride home IGN tossed her cookies... more than once. That night JM, my dad, my mom and I were taking turns with the 3 available bathrooms here. Meanwhile at my sis' house her fam was dealing wit the same torment of symptoms. This brought us into Christmas Eve. We were all miserable, so more plans were canceled and we all laid around the house (some of us were still pretty sick). So today, Dec. 26th (I think its already the 27th actually), I finally felt like a real person again but now JM's mom is sick as well as my brother so we are not yet finished with our diseased holiday:(

My plans were thwarted. Nature decided to intervene. What can a girl do, really? So this is how I have spent my holiday thus far, I wonder how this last week will pan out... we'll see. I'm kind of scared. :)


ManUtd17 said...

Happy Hurl-idays!

Keegan did the same thing just before we left my parents' house on the 25th. Seems to be a short-lived thing with him though. He was running around by yesterday afternoon.

Hope you feel better so you can enjoy the rest of your stay!

carolineb said...

I had no idea y'all were sick. I'm sooo sorry! What a kick in the pants.

Hannah said...

oh, not fun! Hope you guys feel better soon!

carolineb said...

I can't stop eating chicken & broccoli soup, it's too delicious.

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