Tuesday, December 4, 2007


So here we are at the end of the football season. As a Georgia fan, its kinda hard to complain about the season, looking back. I mean I wish things had been different concerning Tennessee's lucky breaks.

Vandy kicker sums up the Dawgs feeling when he missed the game winning field goal.

Consider this...Tennessee got three lucky breaks that I witnessed in their games. Three of their opponents missed a winning field goal, to give the Big Orange their 4th loss! South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Kentucky. Speaking of Kentucky, they needed one yard to put the game away and they couldn't do it. To me that says that they shouldn't have been in the SEC championship. If any of these things actually happened, and the Dawgs got in the SEC game, I am confident that the BCS chaos wouldn't be so confusing, cause Georgia would spank LSU, (like in 2005) and then would have jumped Ohio State for the #1 spot. But it didn't work out that way. If you look at their sec standings, they are the 4th best team, not the best in the Division. The fact is though they rocked the dawgs world, and therefore were not deserving but were elected to be there.

Now for the BCS chaos... as everyone is saying the BCS is messed up. The championship game is not being played by the two best teams, nor the two most deserving. I had a big beef with the polls moving the Dawgs down to 5 after being idle for a week, and moving Ohio State up two spots after being idle for a week. I just don't get the logic. If this was week 8 and the same scenario happened, the #3 and #4 team would slide into #1 and #2. (We have seen this happen ALL year long, when #1 and #2 would fall.) If your going to jump Idle teams with conference champs, take Ohio State out of the picture. I mean yeah LSU won the SEC (by 7) against a pretty bad TN team. After that they jumped from #7 the week before to #2 to play for the National Title. They will probably give us another game like last year where Florida waxed the "#1" team in the nation. Although I think FL was a lot better and more deserving of the #2 spot last year than LSU is this year. So yeah I think UGA got bumped b/c the pollsters decided that we weren't deserving that spot for the title, and changed the rules at the 11nth hour. Lame. I also think other teams (Oklahoma, USC, Missouri) have reason to complain at the outcome as well. Playoff anyone?

Now for a little bit of good news for the Bulldog nation.

1.The Dawgs get the opportunity to put a stop the the only unblemished team in the nation, and we are in a quality bowl. I mean seriously who thought after the TN game that we would end up in the Sugar bowl, or after Vandy was driving for their seemingly game winning touchdown (before we forced a fumble) Granted I would have loved to see a USC/UGA matchup, but they decided to pick a blowout game instead of what everyone wanted. Hawaii is boasting that they are undefeated, and threaten to show UGA a good game. I think it will be a good game, but I am also fully confident that their dreams of having a perfect season will end in New Orleans. Georgia is too deep and have too much of a chip on their shoulder to let this one slip by. So lets break out the blackout gear, and welcome these Rainbow-Warriors to the SEC.

2. Last year LSU had to play Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl and didn't get in the SEC game for the same reason we sat out this year. They were a solid team, and are now in the championship, what will next season bring???

3. A bunch of teams that we play next year are having changes this year. GT and LSU will have different coaches, Auburn, KY, South Carolina,Bama, TN will have new QBs, and even Arizona State shouldn't be a big issue, since Richt hasn't lost in regular season, out of conference. I think next year Florida is going to be the big game. I think we can beat them, but they are going to be SICK with Tebow again. I think this game will decide who goes to the SEC, and who plays in the championship. Fortunately for us we have more confidence going into the game after this year.

Here are some highlights from the year, in case you haven't followed the dawgs take a few minutes to see what all the fuss is about.

I think the Dawgs found a team dance. Expect to see more dancin' at the Sugar Bowl, and for years to come.

Shoot Moreno is even doin' it in class. Rumor has it that some of the team is teaching it to Richt to dance with the team. Classic.

There is my Dawgs summary of this crazy season. Annie, your Christmas wish is granted, Merry Christmas.


Annie said...

There is a Santa Claus. And his name is John Mark.

Thesupermanns said...

Wow...i am sure Minnisnowta is freezing!! At least the extra Christmas Spirit up there can keep yall warm..Hee hee haw. That video of Isaiah dancing in her pink boots is precious!!!! She is so cute. Hope she and Bennett can meet sometime. Goooooo Dawgs!!!

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