Monday, January 21, 2008

Great day overall...

As my good friend Greg already did so well, I would like to wish you all a proper Martin Luther King Jr day.

Today was good for our family. We got out of the home, since the temperature finally rose above 0 degrees, and made a day of it. We visited the most rockin place in Bloomington MN, besides here of course. We had lunch at the closest thing to southern BBQ that we could find up in the frozen northland. We found this store with this horse that IGN thought was real. I don't know that she has seen a real one up close, so to her this was it. She went running to it yelling "Neigh, Neigh, Neigh", and after taking this pic, she didn't want to get down.

We also went to the apple store to have our IPOD looked at, since we made the mistake of leaving it in our car a few nights, all night, and the "negative temperatures and those lithium ion batteries of the IPODs just don't mix well together." At least thats what the gentleman at the "Genius Bar" inside the Apple store told me. Hmm, wouldn't have guessed that. Thank you Mr. Genius... Anyway he sort of jump started the IPOD, and it works great now. That is a huge relief, as I was carrying the guilt of the damage, since I was the last one to leave it in the car overnight. So tonight, after Bekahs scrumptious dinner, I was able to play some worship music that I haven't been able to hear since like late November, when the damage was done. Good stuff. I literally felt like I had won the Ipod from Michael, in the Yankee Swap episode of The Office. (Even though technically it is Bekah's Ipod that she got for I felt that I had been given one all over again.)

I was also able to get some stuff fixed in our family ride, which is always a fulfilling thing for a husband/father/guy. Like for example the battery that has been frozen since we got back from Georgia, and from the temp staying where it has, I have had to jump the car pretty much every time we needed to use it. That will get old quickly. Anyway, we got a new battery, so the days of jumping off my car in MN are done...hopefully.

Bekah and I are shopping for a ride like this, as we need something a bit more reliable for the baby coming soon. Which by the way he has a name now. He is Jacob Elijah. We are excited about him though, and are preparing in every way we know how for his arrival. Even ordered some Ale-8 ones to be shipped up for the celebration. (We have pics of us drinking ales in every major event. Engagement, Wedding, IGNs birth, and now Jacobs Birth. Which by the way if you haven't had a chance to stop by here. I couldn't resist posting these pics from their models on their site. Wow.

I have to go prepare for a devotion for the BHOP team tomorrow morning, so I will leave it at that. Thanks for stoppin by, and again happy MLK day.


ManUtd17 said...

I have a bottle of Ale8One in my office.

And those are models ... in Kentucky!

Dugans said...

I LOVE the name Jacob. Very cute. And did you go to famous dave's without me?

nysewanders said...

Bill, I think everyone should have Ale-8 in their office, that makes it a complete office. I would love to see an Office episode on Ale-8.

Cari, yes we did, but we thought of you, and IGN had an oreo for dessert in your kids honor. :)

Katie B said...

Don't have a ONE more bit of fun until Aunt B gets there...
So soon!!!
Not soon enough.
Love to you all.

Michelle said...

Jacob Elijah, a strong manly name, love it!

Now, does that mean that Jacob will also be drinking Ale-8 with his dad in the picture?

Michelle said...

oh, wait a minute, I also meant to add that we should all hang out, definitely! Talk to my man tomorrow night!

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