Monday, January 28, 2008

Levi is here.

Um, so my sister called us yesterday at about 9 am, and told us that she had her baby boy earlier that morning. We didn't believe her. She isn't due for 2 weeks, and we were expecting more drama, as she was doing a homebirth again. Everything happened smoothly, and she only pushed for 5 minutes,(as opposed to 7hrs last time). Congrats Jen and Brian. Welcome to the world Levi. We can't wait to see you. Dang, I want to be in Georgia!


brad said...

GREAT name!

Congratulations to the all the Nysewander offspring on their growing flock.

Beks--how you doin?

gigi said...

I heard at church yesterday that Levi had arrived! I'm so glad that things went well. Our Jacob will be here before you know it!

Katie B said...

Yay for baby boys!

I can't wait to see y'all like in 11 DAYS!!!

AtlantaMama said...

So great. I heard that she was in labor on Sunday at church and then before we left... the word went around that Levi had been born. That's great. I hope that my next one will be born in 5 mins. WOW!! I hope that your baby-boy on-the-way is doing GREAT too!! ><>

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