Tuesday, January 29, 2008

whats up

I haven't blogged in SO long!!!! I miss it. I'm going to attempt to be more diligent in my blogging:)

Everything here is going really great and the Lord has been doing something in John Mark and me lately and it has made life here so much more enjoyable. JM and I have always seen our time here as a temporary 'visit' until we are called to the next thing but recently we have been asking God to change our hearts so that we can learn how to just BE and enjoy what He is doing in the here and now. So its happening and its a huge and very immediate answer to prayer. I love that the Lord began changing our hearts together, at the same time. There are many times that JM will share with me things that the Lord spoke to him in his time alone and it will be similar to an impression that was on my heart while I was folding laundry or laying on the floor playing dolls. We serve a faithful God who speaks. I am amazed that this life is not my own and I'm not in it alone; not only do I have the presence of the Lord ministering to my spirit but I have been partnered with a great man who hears from the Lord and encourages our family in the things of God. Its easy to be thankful for where we are in this life when we can see the hand of God moving, I just pray that I can learn to be a person of thanks even when I feel alone and can't see my God any where. I have a lot of growing to do and SO much to learn. Yesterday I was emailed a great song from my pal Caroline and it spoke so much to me of who I/we are to the Lord and even now my heart is stirred to 'dive-in'. i don't want to hold back, not in any area: not in my heart, mind, giftings, nothing. I just want to give of all that I am to know this One that loves me so much He has to catch His breath when I simply come before Him. I want to sing. I want to stand before God and His people and declare who He is. I think thats why i have always loved being on worship teams and singing, because it is my own way of saying 'this is who I love, this is what life is all about!' He is passionate and jealous for us and my mind can't wrap around this truth so I have to give it over to my heart. I just know that I am one in need. Thankfully I know the One who can meet all needs.

I want to sing and play my own songs... just thought i'd put that out there. I've never said it before.

Bye for now:)


gigi said...

You and JM are my heros! I love the way you go after God with such honesty and passion. I have always believed you should use your God-given beautiful voice to sing about Him so go for it, girlie!

Sara P said...

Yeah, Bekah, sing! And sing into something that will record you and send it to me :-)

Katie B said...

The song 'come fall on us' played in my head while I was reading your post.
That's my favorite song I've heard you sing. For now at least...

See you in a week. :)

carolineb said...

Wail away! We love it.

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