Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodbye... Hello.

So, it snowed... in Georgia... more than an inch. Now our little town has shut down. Schools are closed, grocery shelves are bare, life as we have known it has stopped and the life that has risen out of it is AWESOME! It is full of boots, mittens, scarves, wet clothes, hot chocolate, sledding, snowmen, being confined with good friends, walks in the snow and, my favorite, icicles!!! This time as been wonderful and magical and I feel like a kid again.

So up until yesterday evening the snow kept falling and our house was warm and cozy. When I would look out my window it was COLD, you know, it just LOOKED cold. The clouds we beginning to head to another winter wonderland and we were beginning to get little glimpses of the sun. But still, it was cold.

Today is cold and beautiful with the sun battling back to regain its stolen territory. I think I like it that we don't get snow too often because then it wouldn't be an EVENT. It wouldn't be a vacation. It would become something you have to endure. No good. Snow is too awesome to just endure it.

  This is my view out the front of my house and I love it. By tomorrow it will be mostly gone, my icicles are dripping away. It makes me a little sad because for a brief while my house was decorated more elaborately than I could ever imagine. I had what looked like strings of diamonds dripping from every corner of my house. I think that means we need new gutters but wow, it was amazing.

So now my decorations bid be a fond farewell and my life speeds back up to make up for the lost time spent playing. It was such good playing. 

 I got to eat up every bit of little people fun. Goodbye my little icicles.

 Hello sunshine. Welcome back.


Nelson Family Photo said...

I love the icicle pics Bekah:)

Erin said...

Nice photos and description, I felt like I was almost there :) :( Miss you guys, glad you've had fun in your winter wonderland!!

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