Tuesday, November 6, 2007

3:30 Saturday on CBS (part two)

Bekah and I have decided that Tuesdays will be no media day (internet and TV). Today was the first day we actually implemented it, and of course we had to make sure that there was a post in today for NABLOPOMO, so I got the nod for the hall pass to sign on today, I guess Bekah will get it next week. Remember the feeling you had when you held the hall pass in your hand, or in your pocket? Knowing that your classmates were struggling to stay awake in class, and just wanted to be where you were at least if not off the school grounds completely. Well thats how I feel now. Of course Bekah probably couldn't care less about refraining from the net for a day, but let me say its easier said than done, and I even got a pass.

Now moving on, I know ya'll want to talk about football. Lets see what ya got. I wanted to hear predictions were for this weekends game with the Dawgs and the Tigers. This is a huge game for the Nysewander family because my sister married into an Auburn family just as much as I married into a Georgia one. We always talk trash through the year, and have lately tried to get my parents in on the fun, even though they literally couldn't care less. (This year I put a Georgia plate on the front of dads car.) Of course we have dressed our daughters dress up in the respective teams gear and do the cheer through the year too. Their colleges have already been decided. To mention the other school in either in laws home is a borderline heresy. We had planned to take mom and dad to this game had we been in the south, but obviously plans have changed, since moving up north. We will just have to settle for TV again.

Last year the Dawgs put a whoppin on the Tigers, in their home stadium after dropping the previous 4 out of 5, and coming out of nowhere to take out the front runner in the SEC west. This year Georgia looks to be setting up nicely for the SEC East Championship and I know the Tigers would like nothing more than to return the favor and spoil our party. Lately in "The Souths oldest Rivalry" between the two teams the away team has had a better go at it in the opponents stadium. This year its in Athens, and I think its not going to be a gimme for either team, but I think Georgia will pull it out in the end. Here is a great shot from an interception dive for a TD. GO DAWGS!!!


ManUtd17 said...

This may be the only time all year that I say "Go War-Plains-Tiger-Eagle-Men!"

Praying for a three-way tie in the east!

nysewanders said...

Yeah I would expect that from you, Mr Pinto.

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