Thursday, November 1, 2007

National Blog Posting Month- NABLOPOMO

The mood has changed around these parts, and the air is telling us to buckle up. The rumor is there is supposed to be snow by this time next week, but who knows. Minnesota has got to be one of the most schizophrenic place on earth, when it comes to weather. It can be in the seventies one day, and then by the time you go outside to enjoy it, it will drop below freezing. Yeah not quite that bad, but it does change seemingly overnight. Something tells me that we ain't going back to 70 degree weather anytime soon. Things here at the house of prayer are good. I am learning tons of stuff about seeking the Lord in prayer, running the soundboard, and also growing in the bass and guitar in worship. Next up is piano, and drums. One day.

God has really answered our prayers for provision up here too. He has given me a shot at three different jobs outside of BHOP, (one on Monday and Friday, and two on Sunday). We are still praying for full financial support for our time up here, so I can focus in on the House of prayer even more, but we are trusting that it will come with time, and for now God has provided this work.

Bekah and I were talking about how much we miss home yesterday. It's tough being up here at times, but we still know that its right. We miss yall down in Georgia, and though I think our southern accents are starting to fade, we are trying to avoid talking like they do in the movie Fargo. Which is not by the way a movie that we would necessarily recommend other than to understand the accents that we endure up here. OH YA! YOU BETCHA!


ManUtd17 said...

Y'all are missed down here too. I know you know that, but I know it's good to hear as well. So there you go.

Sounds like things are going well up there for you. Good to hear that. Did your Dad tell you about the fire we had at the Alpha Weekend? Serious stuff. Thankfully, no one was hurt. Could've been much worse.

nysewanders said...

I saw Caroline mention something about a fire on someones blog, but yeah didn't hear anything from the pops about it. Thanks for the comment. Its good to know yall are still alive and well down there. Noblopomo is gonna be fun to see how everyone does.

Annie said...

Do we miss you?

You betcha.

carolineb said...

They're right. We miss you. Freakishly.

seantk said...

The funniest thing in Fargo is when the asian guy freaks out at the restaurant and tells Francis McDormand's character, "Oh, you're such a special lady!" as he cries, and she stares at him with a deadpan face. So weird and uncomfortable. Not a family movie by any means, but it's the Coen's for crying out loud.

ManUtd17 said...

I'll share the fire story in tomorrow's post.

In the business, that's what they call a "tease."

Tammy H said...

I am in Ga right now, wondering where yall are? I know and affirm God's call in your lives, but when I am in Ga, I expect you to be here too. Couldn't you have waited a few months before moving up there? Ha. Love yall. Give that cutie some loving from her Aunt Tammy!

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