Friday, November 23, 2007

Dang Im tired...

Bekah said it was my turn to blog tonight, but as you can tell by the title, uh Im kind of beat. I worked most of the day today, and was up late last night talking with a buddy of mine up here, so this blog won't carry much weight tonight. Im sure that everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving, and great food, blah, blah, blah. It wasn't even close to what I had. Serious. I was so impressed with the way B cooked and prepared the food for Thanksgiving. Wow. Okay, okay I'm sure your Turkey was good too, but just so you know, you missed out on the Minnesota feast. So thank you Bekah, you did a fantastic job!!!

#1 LSU got knocked from their national title hopes tonight (second loss in 3OT for them), at the hands of the Razorbacks. What a year!! It makes me kinda think a little less confidently about the matchup that the Dawgs will have tomorrow. "Pure old fashioned hate" is what they always say to describe this rivalry. As I was leaving work at Weekley before coming up here, my boss and I were jabbing about this game. (He is a HUGE Tech guy, who doesn't own a stitch of red, yeah its that bad.) Anyway he said he hopes that in this game that the Tech players break Staffords' neck. Easy there, boss. I'm pretty sure that falls under the column of hatred. 3:30 Tomorrow in case your wondering. To give you an idea of the past few games....

Go Dawgs, Go Cats, Go UConn, (Dawgs should move up in the polls after three losses in front of them...7th to 4th?)

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Annie said...

I was sad to see LSU lose- I want an SEC in #1. Especially so we can beat them at the SEC game.

Break Stafford's neck? That's so like a Techy. I'd make some joke back about their QB but I don't think they have one.

Wish y'all were here for the throwdown at Haley and Jeff's. Marital discord + good food + watching Jeff's team get beat = awesomeness.

Love y'all.

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