Monday, November 26, 2007

"Who are any of us?"

That quote is from a great little piece in "A Mighty Wind", a Christopher Guest Classic. I love his movies and I love the people that laugh at the movies with me. Its just quality. "Corkey, you gotta live!" -Parker Posie in Waiting for Guffman

Anyway, just silliness. This morning I was sitting in my living room enjoying the sunny morning and our Christmas tree while my girl was sleeping and JM was handling family business and insurance stuff (UGH!). The night before I had experience some revelation about my life with God and how I'm willing to sacrifice obvious things to the Lord like, monetary things or luxuries or even comforts but when it comes down to it, I want to think whatever I want to think and go about my day doing whatever I want to do. I have not given over the 'mundane' to the Lord because I assumed He wasn't interested in my trips to the grocery store or the number of dirty diapers I've changed or how many meals I have made and cleaned up off the floor. I just figured if it was kind of boring to me then it must be boring to Him, right? I mean there are people out there doing AMAZING things to bring Him glory and preaching AMAZING messages that are drawing thousands to Him... so my diapers aren't much to get invested in (there not actually MY diapers). Well, i realize how sorely mistaken I am. God loves us to such a great degree that Jesus gave up all the riches and glory of heaven to visit this painful, sinful earth and die so that I could commune with God while I am living the mundane. Jesus didn't die so that only those who are doing HUGE things could commune with the Father. He died so that I, house wife and mother, could live a life of nearness with my King. I can worship and feel His presence as I am folding clothes, vacuuming, doing dishes, reading the same book to IGN for the 14th time in 30 minutes. My life is meant to bring Him glory, it is the constant focus of my heart on Him that brings Him pleasure. I don't need to be out conquering the world for His name as long as I am here and listening to beat of His heart and giving my self to him in thought and deed. I want to be found faithful to Him no matter what my circumstances may be. I want to be faithful to JM, IGN and little one by praying for them and living a life before them that reveals the One I love (even while making meals or going to the grocery store). God has blessed me beyond measure and it is up to me to decide to bless Him with my life, even what I perceive as boring.

This morning I read, "Let those that love the Lord hate evil, for he guards the lives of his faithful ones and delivers them from the hand of the wicked." Psalm 97:10
I realized that I don't hate evil at all, actually, I enjoy it. i know this because of the things that I see on TV and I am not offended by it, much less angry at it. So today I have started making an effort (with the help and grace of God) to love what is good and at least be more aware of what is evil and not to take any pleasure in it. I really want to be completely His and I know I'll mess up a gazillion times more but I'm taking baby steps and I pray that one day I will be called by Him, 'faithful one'.


Alex Russ said...

Hi Dear!
I miss you and I loved just reading your blog a second ago.

1 Tim. 2:15 says that the woman will be saved through childbearing if she continues in faith, love, and holiness, with self-control. I love this verse because it gives a whole knew "kick", if you will, to being being a mother. She works out her salvation through learning those 4 things listed above as she lays down her life for her child, (and husband)

now, i am not a mother, nor do i plan to be anytime soon...but one day when i am....I am sure i will love that verse very much!

also in the final quest, rick joyner saw the mother were some of the ones closest to the throne. (ive only heard that though, never actually read the book)

Katie B said...

This is so good.

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