Saturday, November 17, 2007

Football Week 11

Although it wasn't as high scoring as I thought it would be, Georgia came out with the win in the end. We were rooting for Vandy to make that last second field goal against Tennessee, but dang it, it bounced right off the post. Now the Bulldog nation will turn its attention to the Tennessee/KY game next week, and hope for a wildcat victory to give us the direct route to Atlanta for the championship game. Im pretty sure that if I were in the ATL and the dawgs went to the championship, I would find a way to be there.

No I am rootin for Texas Tech and Cincinnati to take care of buisness and bump another two out from in front of Georgia in the rankings. Speaking of football how bout Tebow rushing for 20 TDs and passing for 20? Dang.

Pops and Gigi leave tomorrow and IGN will be devastated. She has had an adoring audience since Thursday night. Now she will have to wait for Christmas in Atlanta to see them again.

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