Saturday, November 24, 2007

Football Saturdays no more....

Well we are done with the regular season, and because of some really stupid moves from the Kentucky QB, we wont be able to face LSU in the SEC title game. At least we are tied for SEC East champs, and took care of buisness against Tech. I did call my boss before the game, and he didn't answer, as was expected. Psssh. Techy.

As has been mentioned before by my fellow bloggers, this whole Nablopomo has taken its toll on me, and I am looking forward to not being required to write. I love to write, but not when Im forced to. I think I will take a break from this craziness well into 2008.

IGN had a crazy day today missing her morning nap, and taking a short afternoon nap. That made for a sassy girl this evening, to say the least.

We pretty much watched football all day today which was fun, and pretty hard to do when you have a 14mo old, but Bekah made it very easy for me to enjoy (thanks babe)! Probably goes without saying but I am sad to see the College football season end. Oh yeah we got a Christmas tree today. Pictures to come soon.


Annie said...

Dig this- some folks at Haley's were saying that it is better that we didn't make it to the SEC game. It will heighten our chances of getting in a better BCS game? Crazy thought. And apparently there are a number of magical things that can happen that send us to the championship game? I think it involves about 20 teams losing and a unicorn, but still possible?

The Dawgs looked good in the second half. Tonight made me excited about the 08 season. Except our kicking game. Dear Lord bring us a better kicker than Andy Bailey.

nysewanders said...

Yeah, Im pretty sure any player in any conference (not just the SEC) would take a shot at the conference title, over a BCS game. Oh well, there is always next year. Apparently the school gets tons of cash for getting to a BCS game. Maybe that can go towards a scholarship for an Andy Bailey replacement.

ManUtd17 said...

Actually the SEC divides up the bowl money equally among the member schools. So Ole Misserable ends up with as much at UGA. So UGA will get more if they go to a BCS game only because that will increase the SEC's take. Going to a BCS game is also better for recruiting. That should go without saying.

brad said...

Annie, Andy Bailey is a senior. He be done.

I want to win a national championship, but not without winning the SEC first. It legitimizes things. And there would be way too much bitching amongst our rivals.

Next year looks great, but have you seen the schedule? It is sick. If we go through that beast undefeated, we should play in the Super Bowl.

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