Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dawgs win 45-20!!!

Georgia played a much better game than I had hoped that they would. Sanford Stadium must have been electric today. For the first time in Georgia school history the players ran onto the field dressed in black. The seniors had requested that the fans wear black, and have a blackout for this game. I think the motivational ploy worked. Obviously that isn't what won the game, but I think it helped get the crowd fired up. The players were having fun too, I love the dances on the sidelines, and the carefree way to play football. The team has gelled for real. Doesn't seem like the same team that played in the first half of the season. Here are some shots of todays game, as we took care of business with Auburn. All we need to do now is hope that Tennessee can fall on one game and we will lock in our SEC Championship bid against LSU. What do yall think of the blackout idea?


brad said...

Blackout was awesome. Game was AWESOME. I wish we could go back and play SC and TN again, just as UF wants to play us again with Tebow healthy.

Keep taking care of bidness and we will wind up in a BCS bowl with an at-large bid. Not too bad for a bunch of freshman.

nysewanders said...

Yeah we looked pretty unstoppable to say the least. We made Auburn look like a bad team, and they ain't no joke. I think we could dash LSUs hopes if we get a chance. Ill be rootin hardcore for Vandy and Kentucky to take out the vols, to give us a chance.

I think we can handle Tebow healthy too. We have the dual threat with Stafford/Moreno we should be a pretty special team in the coming years.

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