Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A baby or a virus?

SO in yesterday's blog I wrote about how wasted I was, in the tired way, not the boozing way. Today I am equally as wasted and its not Monday... weird. I have not been feeling my Bekah Best these past couple days, I mean i'm so tired that my body HURTS. So this leaves me wondering if my little fella is wreaking havoc on my body and stealing any and all energy and nutrients that I have. If this little guy is not the reason for my wasted-ness then I could fully be coming down with something unfortunate.

JM has been so good to me this evening. he folded the laundry, forced me away from the dish washer and MADE me surf the net while he did the dishes. We are now watching the Office Season 3 and I'm going to bed by 8:00, yay!

1 comment:

carolineb said...

Child, take it easy. Nap often. Let somebody around there hang out with IGN.

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