Saturday, November 10, 2007

Friday Night I'm goin nowhere ...

Name that singer and song.... Anyone?

It is 11.29 (central time)on Friday night, and Bekah and I just walked in the door. I had planned on her covering the blogging duties today because I was at work all day, but apparently so was she. IGN kept her busy through the day, just as my runs through Minneapolis/ST Paul kept me busy.

We were invited over for dinner tonight, by some of my old friends from when I lived up here. They are a few years older than us, but really a lot like us in a lot of ways. We talked about the struggles of having a "missions calling" versus wanting to provide for your family. (Their daughter is about 6 months older than IGN). It was good to talk to someone out of the day to day Bethany context, but still know where we are coming from. Their home was extremely warm and inviting. They had pumpkins out, candles lit, and even a logs burning in the fireplace. We laughed a lot, and I am exhausted.

Tonight, I am thankful. Thankful for good friends that are okay with you being who you are, where you are. I am thankful for generous people, and rich food. I am thankful for this journey that we are on, even though I am often unsure of the next bend in the road. I am thankful.

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