Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Guitar awesomeness

I love the sound of acoustic guitars. LOVE IT. Give me a good sounding acoustic, and a rich, unique, raspy voice and I can go all day with it. I remember in 9th grade, when a friend mastered "man in the mirror" by MJ on the acoustic, and I was in awe. This first video will show you what I mean. The second video is just as awesome, but a different kind of awesome... enjoy.

Free Comedy: After this song came out, Polaroid released an official statement saying that thier pictures weren't intended to be shaken, and they didn't recommend it. Hilarious.


ManUtd17 said...

I'm not sure what the second video demonstrates. That Outkast wrote a great song originally or that that bearded dude is the creative one because he turned a pop song into a nice acoustic piece.

nysewanders said...

I think its a bit of both. Truth be known, I have always liked these videos, and I was pretty tired last night, so I decided to combine the two for my post. Yeah bearded dude is the man though.

greg. said...

who is playing the guitar on the man in the mirror video? it is freakin' smoo.

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