Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Random thoughts from JM

I have the blogging duties for today, so I thought I would just write a bit about whats going on up here.

1. It is now officially Minnesota Cold. I'm not talking Georgia cold (low 40s-high 30s), its like 6. Thats right folks not a snowflake on the ground but the wind is like freeze-your-nose hairs-6-degrees-cold. I know many of you have no sympathy, and Im not fishing for it, cause we left the sunny south to come here, but dang...6 is just ridiculous. At least bring on the snow, so you can see something beautiful along with the cold (dang I love snow) but nope, just frozen nosehairs is all we get today.

2. Im going to start my beard growing for the winter. Now.

3. IGN had her first doctors appointment today. B told me that she didn't like the doctor, as she didn't compare to Dixon back home. Ill let her post that story on another blog. All I know is when I went to change IGNs diaper after they got home there were FOUR band-aids on her legs. Consider her vaccinated. Sad.

4. There was a funny story that happened in worship the other day. I was running the sound board and the person (to remain nameless) was working the computer next to me. The worship team was singing in their IHOP-esque fashion, singing that we are going to "we will fall down and worship" (they will sing a line like this maybe 50 times, over and over again) A lot of times I get focused on the board and don't see the band, or the overhead. I looked up and the screen said "we will pull down and worship". I leaned over and told her as politely as possible without laughing out loud that I thought they were singing "we will fall down and worship." She kind of chuckled and said she couldn't understand what they were saying, and quickly went to typing. I looked up after she had typed and she had written... "we will fall down on worship." Classic. I just let it be.

5. I know the Georgia bulldogs don't have a likely shot at the title game, but dang I'm gonna be rootin for Oklahoma, so we can have a shot at USC in the Rose Bowl. What a matchup that would be.

6. Someone please tell me why Auburn feels the need to have pit bulls on the sideline of the Iron Bowl game? To sick them on the fans that rush the field? I mean come on... check out what happened Saturday night.


Annie said...

That's really funny because I started growing my beard today too.

brad said...

Dr. Robert Dixon? Great doc to both of our children. He is what a pediatrician should be.

I always get uneasy when there is an incident in AL involving an African-American and a police dog. Why the heck is a police dog on the field when, even if UA beats AU you know people won't storm the field? Or vice versa? AU won't storm the field after winning, what 6 or 7 in a row? We didn't do it to Tech after winning #7 Saturday.

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