Wednesday, November 7, 2007

IT'S A ...

Ha Ha!! Just kidding! (And thats not our baby... I stole it from a website, its just for effect.) We went to our first doctor appointment here in MN and it wasn't near as bad as I thought it would be. The nurse that we met with was SO nice and one of the ladies in the office knew JM from Bethany when Mark was a pastor there- crazy! SO it was a good experience and this afternoon we had the ultrasound and let me say that this is one cute baby in my tummy. We have little pics of the face and hands and stuff... adorable! I think I might see if Richard will hook a sister up w/ some 3D/4D ultrasound action when we're home for the holidays:) We decided on the whole 'element of surprise' with this one, so I guess when we see the cute little one we'll know if we have a he baby or a she baby. I feel unsure of this one. With IGN I KNEW she was a girl and with this one I feel like its could be a girl but when I talk to the baby I feel like I'm talking to a he baby. I don't know, all I know is that this little bundle of fun is ACTIVE. Right now, as I type I'm having my insides rearranged for me:) Crazy! Blessings to all!

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carolineb said...

I wonder who it is!!! Ah, the suspense.

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