Friday, November 16, 2007

Friday night

Well IGNs other set of grandparents have come to visit her in the state of Minnesota now. They got in last night, and today has been good. Work is really slow right now, so my boss told me to just take off the day. We pretty much just stayed home and hung out all day. My daughter walked around (oh yes Georgia peeps, she is walking with authority now) all day like she was an Princess. She felt so special, because well she is, and her Pops and Gigi made her feel that way today. IGNs day consisted of the following... Tickled, put to sleep, woken up, fed, diaper changed, chased through the hallway, picked up, thrown around, Given snacks, Given juice, carried on a walk through the woods, going to the grocery store, dancing, etc. I could go on, but just know that she had to have had an incredible day. From the beginning of the day she has been treasured. We are thankful to have family come visit. (We would also love friends to come visit...hint, hint.)

Tomorrow is another big game for the Dawgs. Though its not on National TV, its a must win for them. Im also rootin' for Vandy to take down the Big Orange. Georgia plays Kentucky on its homefield, and is wanting to not only win, but revenge for last year. This is what Stafford looked like after the game last year...(Got drilled in a helmet to helmet hit, but only problem was his helmet had already come off in the play.) I am predicting another 40+ score for the dawgs. More on the football blog tomorrow.

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