Friday, November 2, 2007

Halloweeen, IGN and good weather

Oh today is BEAUTIFUL outside! The temp is in the mid 50s so its crisp outside but the sun makes it feel very pleasant. I was enjoying a book out on our porch when I realized that I needed to blog! So I ditched the book and the vitamin D and came in to post my thoughts and feelings for this lovely day:)

A few days ago i was minding my own business and I happened upon a package from my favorite sac, its the fleetwood sac (uh, i hate puns but I had to). I opened it up to find a ridiculous birthday card, a wonderful sweat shirt, sweat pants (not the gross hanes, tapered leg kind but the new, fun, 'sporty' kind) a fab shirt and the funniest assortment of candy I have ever seen. As you can see, it included wax lips. IGN didn't want to put them away, it wasn't hard to keep them in her mouth because she was trying to bite of chunks of wax. We laughed pretty hard and were reminded of what great friends we have in this world. (B., Caroline and Jeanne, my life needs you!)
Another of our recent experiences involves our girl's first trick-or-treating extravaganza! We had SO much fun and were freezing our buns off! We went out at 6:30pm as it was starting to get dark, JM, Cari, a pumpkin (thanks Gigi!), a monkey, a ladybug and myself, and we swore we were only going to three houses and that was it. After our three JM was fully into the whole event and was ready to take on the neighborhood. So we ended up at like 7 houses or something- he was so cute about it all, I love watching him have fun with IGN. The kids were the cutest ever and I wish there had been more light for video but I managed to get a few pics of the little cuties. Isaiah and Caleb kept laughing at each other in their costumes for the entire wagon ride... it made us laugh pretty hard. I plan to get more pics and video tomorrow and the church costume party!

I guess I will return to my reading spot and enjoy a bit more of the fading sun because by Monday its going to be crazy cold... highs in the low 40s and upper 30s... scary. JM is hoping for snow but there is none in the forecast:( We'll definitely post pics of the first snow!!


Annie said...

IGN is way too cute as a pumpkin. I think it's illegal to be that cute in the South. Good thing for y'all.

Anonymous said...

those kids are the cutest - who do they belong to i wonder?

Hannah said...

I love the lips!

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