Thursday, November 15, 2007

"All of my heros are ping-pong players." -Dwight Shrute

Boo-ya!!!!! I'm watching the office in my bathrobe and my parents are en route to Minneapolis... life is good! I have been looking forward to my peeps arriving for quite sometime and I'm pumped! We were given their guest room key today for the on-campus room they are staying in and so JM and I figured we'd go check it out. So, w/ key in hand we headed to their guest room and opened their door to find that there was fully someone else occupying the room. Thankfully the individual was not there at the time but the room was a wreck and his bags (I say 'his' because the room was way to messy to be a girls room... and there was just one duffel bag... not a girl) were still in the room. So we sneaked out and laughed about the possibilities of what we 'could' have found but thankfully didn't. So, my parents have now been assigned a new guest room and I have yet to check it out... we'll just hope for the best.

Well, now that Michael has once again said unfortunate things in public and we have all been allowed to witness, I will bid you farewell until tomorrow (thanks to NaBloPoMo).



Annie said...

I'll tell you this- I love the Office. What a great episode.

Poor Michael. I never liked Jan.

carolineb said...

Hiya Buddy!

greg. said...

i didn't think it was the funniest episode ever, but a thought provoking one, anyway. still, it did have some good lines. dang i love that show.

brad said...

Good episode, and the last one for a while because of the writer's strike. Boo.

Dawgs survive KY (KY makes me laugh) and UT barely escapes Vandy. Can the Viles handle KY?

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