Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh Monday, I do not love thee...

Dang! By Monday evening (now) I am always wasted! You would think that after the weekend Mondays would be the most productive and energy-filled of days. Nope. Not true, not here. Mondays are exhausting.

Isaiah Grace has been a little ball of fussiness today. I assume its because her Pops and Gigi aren't here keeping her entertained at every moment and feeding her whatever her little heart desires. So today she's back in the real world and she doesn't like it too much.I also think she maybe getting another tooth... FINALLY! She's been feeling a bit warm lately and she still only has 4 teeth so i say 'bring on the teeth'!

Ok, many of you know that the Bethany culture is a little different and that it can be a very special experience at times. I heard something the other day that made me smile and laugh a little on the inside. There was a girl coming out of a class and she said to a friend of hers across the court yard, "How art thou?". To which her replied "what?" and they repeated the exchange about 5 times. After he finally heard her comment he said, "Oh, you were speaking in 'King James'." King James? Is that a language or a dialect? It made me giggle. There are more stories such as these and I'll share them along the way.

PS- why do I watch the bachelor? its stupid, it really is.


Annie said...

You are always wasted on Mondays? Sounds like a good plan to me.

I watched the Bachelor tonight. I think he broke a rule or something. Slay him.

ManUtd17 said...

Wasted Mondays! They should pass a law.

That would make me laugh.

Haven't watched the bachelor since Jesse Palmer was on it. What was so controversial? Did he give the rose to the host instead of one of the womens?

nysewanders said...

Well, I would vote for a Wasted Monday!

Mr.Bachelor had a huge party foul! He didn't choose either girl! What an idiot. Why go on the show if you can't commit?

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