Sunday, November 18, 2007

There aren't words...

I have enough stories and good times from this weekend to write at least 3 really good blogs but even then it wouldn't be enough to get across what a great weekend I had.

My wonderful parents came into town for the weekend and we had an absolute wonderful time. I love watching IGN love her grandparents and get loved so much in return. I really am blessed by watching how much they enjoy her and how much she loves the affection and attention. I miss my family a lot but I've realize that the hardest thing for me is that I feel like I've taken IGN away from all the people that love her the most (besides us of course!). After dropping mom and dad off at the airport, we came home so the girl could nap and the apartment felt SO empty and quiet and it took all my strength to fight back tears. I think I just felt very well cared for this weekend by my peeps and I missed the closeness of home.

My mom has a way of blessing people by going WAY out of her way to make them feel important. This weekend was the weekend after HER birthday but she did everything for me to celebrate MY birthday that wain Oct.! I mean she packed up and brought with her the makings of a southern feast. She came bearing squash (we don't have summer squash or the other things up here-sad), okra, self-rising corn meal, white-lily flour, cookbooks and much more all so that I could have my perfect 'birthday dinner'. So we spent the day in the kitchen making sweet potato casserole, stewed corn, fried okra, squash casserole, corn bread, ham and an amazing carrot cake! Can you believe it! Dang it was amazing! This is one way my mom is just darn good at making each of us kids feel important on our b-day, she slaves away in the kitchen creating a master piece just for us. It was great.

The next day she took me out to get all the goods that I need for making my own Thanksgiving turkey... I'm excited! We also got IGN a snow suit and snow boots (adorable), a bunch of clothes to get me through maternity-hood (I feel like a princess) and a few other treasures just to make JM, IGN and I feel important. I just loved BEING with her. I've realized in my old age that my mom and sis are my best girl friends. I mean there is no one, besides JM, that I can REALLY be myself around like I can with those fun ladies. I loves every minute of being with her, laughing, talking, reminiscing, cooking, playing and everything else we did this weekend. It was just GOOD for me. I can't wait for Christmas! I'll get to see my whole fam, the Nysewanders and all my dear friends. I can't wait!

So this weekend I learned alot about 'giftings' after the blessings my parents heaped upon us and then I recieved another one. Lets just say I am not great at sending packages or birthday cards or finding the perfect gift for someone, but there are people out there who are and Katie B is one of them. I got a package this weekend with the cutest stuff including 2 scarves, one for me and one for IGN. It also included cute slippers for the girl and bows for her hair and a cute little package to make a clay print of her hand... fun! It means so much to get things from home. Here's a video of IGN in her fun new duds... she doesn't want to take them off! Check this out:

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Katie B said...

This made me cry!
I miss you guys sooo much and I can't stand it that I'm missing her grow up SO FAST.
Come see us soon!
I need to squeeze that most precious angel girl.
And see that most precious boy in your belly!

One of each... perfection.

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